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 Squire Thomas Elementary School

The mission of Gretna Public Schools is to accept all students unconditionally and maximize their potential.

 Principal - Mr. Basye -

Secretary - Jill Thompson -

Secretary - Amber Samuelson -

Office Phone - 402-332-5578

Office Fax - 402-332-2959


20th- Iron Men

20th - STEM

20th - Kg to Silver Ridge

21st - Sole Sisters

23rd - Iron Men

23rd - Sole Sisters

23rd - Kg Round up for fall 2017 Kg Students

23rd - No school for current Kg Students

24th - No School

27th - STEM

27th - Iron Men

28th - Sole Sisters

30th - Iron Men

30th - Sole Sisters


3rd - 5th Grade Making A Difference

3rd - Iron Men

4th - Sole Sisters

6th - Iron Men

6th - Sole Sisters

7th - 2nd Grade Field Trip

10th - 2nd Grade to Silver Ridge

10th - 4th Grade Making A Difference

10th - Stem

10th - Iron Men

10th - PTO Meeting

11th - Sole Sisters

11th - Thomas Tuesday

11th - 2nd Grade Music Program

13th - No School

14th - No School

17th - No School

18th - No School

19th - Author Visit

20th - Iron Men

20th - Sole Sisters

22nd - Iron Men and Sole Sisters Run

24th - Secretary Appreciation Week

24th - STEM

26th - 5th Grade Middle School Transisiton Meeting

27th - kg Field Trip


1st - Volunteer Appreciation Week

3rd - 3rd Grade Share Projects with Parents

3rd - Gundvaldson's Field Trip

5th - 5th Grade Field Trip

8th - 5th Grade to Silver Ridge

8th - STEM

10th - 4th Grade Share Projects with Parents

10th - 1st Grade Field Trip

11th - 5th Grade Music Program

12th - 5th Grade to Middle School for Band

17th - 3rd Grade Field Trip

24th - Last Day for Preschool

26th - Last Day of School